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This modified version of the Eckington Village website has a number of small improvements compared to the previous version. The major change is a new EVENTS IN AND AROUND ECKINGTON page, replacing the previous NEWS, EVENTS AND PUBLIC INFORMATION page. This is to avoid duplication of events, etc and notices advertised in the ECKINGTON VILLAGE NEWS, which can be downloaded free as a pdf file. Just click on the ECKINGTON VILLAGE NEWS menu item on this page and from there you will find the latest and three previous versions to download. ECKINGTON VILLAGE NOTICES have been added to the HOMEPAGE.

Entries on the EVENTS IN AND AROUND ECKINGTON page will now include events in the local area in South Worcestershire and north Gloucestershire and may include Village events not mentioned fully in the relevant Eckington Village News and important notices, including important Parish Council notices, which have not yet been included in the Eckington Village News. For example where an important notice is available before the publication of the relevant issue of the Eckington Village News.

Other changes should be apparent, for example, a slight change in the order of menu items on some menus including on this page, Photos are now limited to those taken in the village and immediate surroundings.

For more information about the Parish Council, meetings, agendas, minutes, information about councillors and other documents, please click on the link to the Parish Council Website which also has appropriate links, for example to Wychavon Disctirct Council, Worcestershire County Council, Bus timetables, etc.


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Where a page contains numerous items, there may be a subsidiary menu to navigate that page so as to take you to a particular item, set of items or section on that page. The subsidiary menu will appear normally below the page title and any associated description.

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Site last updated: 26 February 2020 - Eckington Village News for March 2020 now available for downloading.