This is the homepage of the Website of the Village of Eckington in Worcestershire

(Site last updated: 22/5/2019 - Online Village News for June 2019 now available for downloading, see Village News Magazine Page)

This version of the Eckington Village website has been created with a view to simplifying the previous website and making the website easier to maintain and keep up to date. Some of the information that used to appear on the website can now be found on the Eckington Parish Council website, which can be linked to from this website. Duplication of information available on other village websites and external websites has been avoided as this increased complexity and we were not always informed of updates to the information.

The online edition of the Eckington Village News remains available on this website and some information which used to be available on the website can be found in the Village News, such as the Village Contacts and adverts from Village businesses. The changes have been informed by the website statistics indicating which pages were most used by visitors to the website (the page with by far the greatest number of hits was the 'News, Events and Public Information' - this page remains much as before although there is some duplication with the Village News). However, village events and news may be of interest to readers from outside the Parish.


The local business and trade page has been replaced by 'Links to Village and Other Websites' which links direct to the advertisers' websites and contains many other links in addition.

Apart from external websites, each page contains a horizontal menu just under the photograph (Eckington Bridge). The leftmost item denotes the current page you are at. To navigate the horizontal menus to other pages move over the menu. When the page you want is highlighted in red, click and you will be taken to that page. The homepage always remains coloured green.

Some pages are external websites, for example, the Parish Council website and the Flower Festival website. These will open in a new window. To return to the Village website, simply close the new window and any further ones opened from that website.

Where a page contains numerous items, such as the News, events and public information page, there may be a subsidiary menu to navigate that page so as to take you to a particular item, set of items or section on that page. The subsidiary menu will appear normally below the page title and any associated description.

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